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About Mark Salner

Mark Salner was fortunate enough to discover photography early on in his life, at the tender age of 10. He fell in love with the whole process from capture to development and finished print. Although the photography industry has changed to digital format, Mark still carries on that magical feeling which established his foundation. Throughout high school and college, Mark Salner worked with a few professional photographers. That experience led him to score a full-time job at a prestigious professional photo studio in New York. After a decade of learning from the best, he followed his heart and opened up his own photo studio. In 2016, Mark met his wife and relocated to South Florida. Mark Salner continues to follow his passion for photography and joyfully shares his 30+ years of professional experience with all his new clients in sunny Florida, New York, and worldwide. As an artist and a professional photographer, Mark Salner welcomes all types of clients to further expand his already impressive portfolio. 


What to expect from Mark Salner Photography

The amount of love, passion, and detail Mark shares in every photo shoot, will let your vision come to life so you can appreciate it in years to come. Our creative process starts with us getting to know each other and allowing Mark Salner to learn everything about your vision. Mark is a strong believer in developing a mutual trust where you can connect emotionally and feel more confident in his ability knowing exactly all of your expectations will be met. Mark will let his intuition and kindred spirit be his guide, while his experience, people skills, and life long knowledge will help him create the images that you desire. You should expect quality pictures, quick turn around, and personal attention throughout the whole process. Mark's top priority is to make sure that every client is happy with the results and enjoy the whole experience.

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