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Wedding Album Design

The Art of Visual Storytelling

Each picture from your wedding will tell a story that you can share with pride, joy, and happiness in your heart. Besides stunning wedding pictures, we always include top-notch retouching and digital album design with our selected packages. These are not your typical drag and drop templates that most photographers use. We custom design each album with lots of love and take our creativity to the next level. We strive to be different and original. That's why our clients trust our creative process because we deliver one-of-a-kind wedding albums every time. 

Wedding Album Designs

Wedding Photography is a form of art in itself, but if you combine it with a professional album design, it turns images into a timeless masterpiece that every couple wants to remember and cherish about their wedding. Although there are many new album companies that try to imitate, we work with the best in the industry, offering the largest quality selections and a variety of covers and paper to fits anyone's taste. We treat every album design as a unique project to showcase our photography, client's style, and tremendous attention to every detail. The design happens in stages and we help you every step of the way. First, we let our clients select their favorite 100 images that will tell a complete story of their wedding day. Second, we do high-end retouching to make sure every image is spotless. Third, We gather as much information from clients as far as what style they like and let our award-winning album design team get creative. Fourth, we wow our clients with their one of a kind design and make any necessary adjustments to make sure the client is 100% satisfied with it. Fifth, we send it to the printing company and have it back in our client's hands in no time. Typically, we do a champagne ceremony at the presentation since this is one of the final stages of our wedding journey together. 

Timeless Masterpiece

This is one of our favorite wedding albums and we are thrilled to showcase it as well as share a story behind it. Like most clients, this bride and groom came to us by recommendation. The couple was radiant with love and they completely fell in love with our photography, albums, and all the wall art. Without any hesitation, they picked our masterpiece collection that pretty much included everything we offer. Our journey started in DUMBO Brooklyn NY for their engagement photo session. With those images, we created a custom guest book where everyone left their wishes at the wedding, congratulating the couple. They loved the images so much that it was only appropriate to start their storytelling wedding album with their engagement images. The actual wedding took place in Long Island at Chateau Briand. However, they used Fox Hollow Hotel to get ready and the owners also allowed us to use their location for a few shots of the bride and groom and their families with a cinderella carriage in the background. We timed everything just right and enjoyed every minute during their ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. They decided to do an additional shoot after the wedding which saved us an hour. This made them feel a lot more relaxed in knowing that hey will be part of the entire day with their friends and relatives, who came as far as Israel.  After the wedding, we organized another shoot which is known in the industry as "Trash The Dress". The bride and groom wanted to have lots of fun by and on the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as a nearby park by the water. Needless to say, they loved our creation and all the heart and soul we poured into making their dream wedding album. This is just one of many success stories. We will share more to show variety of styles and locations.   Enjoy scrolling through the pages.

Modern Lovestory 

Photographing a destination wedding is by far the most exciting and rewarding part of the job as a photographer. Traveling to a remote destination, enjoying the tropical weather, room service, and all-inclusive resort accommodations with endless entertainment, who can say no to all of this. Well, it may seem like you are buying a photographer vacation package, but the reality is that we work extra hard to make sure we cover every angle and every moment to tell a full story of your romantic getaway. We will go in more detail about our experiences and share tips and tricks to make sure you will take full advantage of your journey. In this particular destination wedding in the Dominican Republic, the couple booked me for 4 days and as a result, we were able to do a complete coverage. The first night we did a romantic sunset photoshoot followed by a family dinner. On the second day, we went on an excursion followed by a rehearsal dinner and dancing.  The 3rd day was a full day wedding. On the last day, we did "Trash The Dress" on the beach. As a result, we were truly able to tell a complete wedding story and the couple absolutely loved what we created for them.

Fine Art

This is a collection from a few weddings to illustrate our most unique style of design that will be truly one of a kind because we use freehand masking techniques to blend two or more images together into a seamless page. We reserve complete creative rights for this style allowing our designers to think outside the box in creating one-of-a-kind photo art. This style is not for everyone and is a very time-consuming process. If it catches your eye and you prefer to include a few spreads in your album, let us know during the album design consultation. 

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