Review of Mark Salner Photography from Google, Facebook, and Real Weddings

Amanda Z.  

Amazing photographer, highly recommend. Captures perfect lighting and angles. Knows what he is doing, very happy with his pictures. Thank you so much Mark for capturing beautiful engagement photos for us.

Roberto P.   

Mark is a great photographer I had the opportunity of having him photograph my wedding. He is very talented but also a great enthusiast with people. If you are not used to be photographed at all times, he guides you and shows you the way. Very professional and easy to work with. We were very lucky to have him. Thank you so much, sir. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!

Emiliano B.   

Mark is an extremely talented, professional, and skilled photographer. I did some shots around Miami with him during the last Music Week and the results were astounding. On top of that, he is a great person to work with. Highly recommended!

Tennesha W.  

Mark is a wonderful photographer who captures more than just your image. Mark puts his heart into each shoot and is able to bring out your essence and spirit. I highly recommend working with Mark for your next shoot or event.

Jaclyn B. 

I asked Mark to capture some moments with my two sons and me. He was able to reel in my two tornadoes, who are full of energy in the morning, and best of all, he made it enjoyable for all three of us. First time meeting him, and my kids were giving him hugs during the session! I walked away with some amazing photos, and new parenting tricks up my sleeve. I would definitely recommend him!

Angela P. 

Mark always makes us feel comfortable. I love how engaged he always gets you can tell he truly cares. The photos are so natural and beautiful. I don’t know how he does it but I can’t wait for my next photo shoot.

Meryl D.    

Our photographer, Mark Salner, made sure he captured our relationship well during the wedding. Our photographs came out absolutely wonderful! Highly recommend.

Anya A. 

I know Mark for many years he took multiple pictures of me on different occasions. The last shoot was my press shots for Miami music week. I loved them. His humor helps you relax in front of the camera and always brings out a genuine smile in photos :) Definitely recommend his photography to anyone.

Leroy J.

I have used Mark Salner Photography for my 70th birthday, Headshot and several other events and I am very satisfied, therefore I highly recommend him.

Richard D.

Mark is a stellar photographer with years of experience, and it really shows in the work that he does. I was very happy with the final product and highly recommend him!

Jodi D.

I loved working with Mark. He is very down to earth and goes the extra mile. He is a great guy for capturing the right moments through his lens.

Lynnel J.

Mark Salner Photography takes beautiful pictures for all occasions. He has an eye for using the natural surroundings to enhance the beauty of your photos to make for a breathtaking result!

Mariel P.

Hired Mark to take some sunset beach shots of me and a friend. Lovely to work with - extremely communicative, timely, has a great eye for fun moments. Definitely would recommend him!

Lesha R.

I needed to update my headshots and Comp card, so I had to get an experienced photographer who knows about the entertainment industry. I was very impressed with Mark Salner’s techniques and his eye for picking the perfect spots, poses, and lighting.❤️ He makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. His turnaround was quick and the pictures were flawless. I definitely would recommend him for all your photography needs.

Lynneise J.

Mark has been my family’s go-to photographer! Weddings, family reunions, milestone celebrations... we trust that Mark will capture beautiful moments and deliver amazing photos, and he never disappoints!

Steve R.

Worked with Mark on multiple digital projects. Mark has always been attentive to detail, approached every project with enthusiasm and creativity as well as maintained a high level of professionalism from beginning to end. Thank you, sir. Highly recommended Mark Salner Photography.